Saturday, May 30, 2009


I have been having a urge to create hats for over a year. I acknowledged the idea but haven't really done anything with it. It is so funny when I am really suppose to do a project it will hunt me down over and over until I just say yes to it.
Yesterday the urge hit me again and I said yes. This time I started looking at the project from my point of view instead of being scared off by the proper way of constructing a hat. You see I have been learning and teaching my self all about millinery work and actually have scared myself away from the project. But yesterday I had a moment that yes the hats can be made that way but what if I created/ built them my way. The energy of doing it my way gave me freedom and the courage to start this new project. Instead of being faced with how am I suppose to do that I now see the completed hat in my mind and will know exactly how to do it when I begin. The power of seeing the whole picture before you begin!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi! You've been awarded the Lovely Blog Award because I love the visual layout of your blog. Your photos are exquisite and your posts are thoughtful and engaging. Check out my blog to see, congratulations! :)

Sophie said...

Lol, totally understand you! I believe that the beauty of being an artist is that you can see what your creation will look like before it comes to life!


myerscho said...

Thank you so much Addictivecreative and Sophie!!!