Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Back Story

Someone asked for the back story of this book It is a bit long so it will be a two part series. So here it goes.

About 15 years ago someone told me I would right a book. I agreed that yes I knew I would also. Did I know it would be a craft book? No. I actually thought it would be about my life, I have had quite a ride.

So fast forward to Feb. 2005 Tonia Davenport an editor for Northlight Book Publishing Company sent me an email saying that she really loved my mixed media paintings. She especially loved the pieces that had sewn fabric adhered to the canvases. This was before it hit the main stream. So we worked together to get a proposal prepared to take to their monthly meeting.

My feelings during this whole process was at first disbelief, is she for real and can I do it? A lot of fear arose during this whole process and then excitement. It was a huge growth for me, no doubt.

Ok I finally wrapped my mind around a theme and created a proposal and outline and she went into the first meeting. At this meeting two of her superiors were there. We got a good response, they loved my work and wanted to see a full proposal. They did have a few requests; they would like the book to be slightly broader than just quilted canvases. Also, they talked about having the book be made up of projects, as well as techniques, including maybe some utilitarian items as well as merely art for the wall.

I was happy and giddy but I still didn't have a clear vision of what the book would look like and how I could fill the book with different ideas.

So at first this was going to be a book about my mixed media paintings then it changed to a book of projects, featuring my style and techniques. She suggested that maybe fabric can be the common element to all of the projects. She felt that the fabric, along with my unique style will pull the book together and make it cohesive. Along with quilted canvas, I could incorporate my photo transfers, stamp carving, collage techniques, etc. She also suggested I could design projects that are to wear, are for the home, gifts and a few that are just art.

Even through my fear and doubt she stood strong in her convictions and told me that she had very good gut feeling about making a book with me and she thought we would make a wonderful team.

So off I went to my studio to brain storm and create. Mostly create. I have found that my best ideas come from creating an idea. I was under a bit of a time restartint since she had a monthly meeting to go to and she wanted to get my ork in the next meeting. Under that kind of pressure I find I try too hard and screw up, but as soon as I relax and do my thing it all works out. I created 20 or so projects. I only need to do 10 but found that I needed to create that many so I knew what I was talking about.

So it is now April of 2005 and the package has been shipped.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

In My Hands

One week ago I received a package in the mail. By the time I got home it had already been opened up and was sitting on a shelf. I opened the door and there on the shelf stood my book. With a head peeking out from behind it was my husband with a huge grin.

To hold my book I was transported back in time as a giddy little girl. I flipped though it taking in all of the goodness. I am so proud of all the hard work that everyone has put into this project. This really isn't mine but it is ours. 
It is my families and their endless hours of answering how does this look? questions. It is my editors and there endless work in trying to make since of my endless run on sentences. It is the Northlight Publishing company and their constant work and vision of the success of this book and Yes the marketing department we have just begun. There is a song about that.

A week later after going through so many emotions of high and low I still take the book out of it's box and hold it in a presenting way ( like Vana White)  I still get giddy. I carry that box with the book in it every where I go. Who knows who needs to see it!!