Wednesday, May 13, 2009


So this ruffle scarf was created this past fall and I have had so much fun wearing it and coming up with new versions of it. The responses are many. As funny as , "I wondered why you would want all that around your neck but wow I now know why!!" to "this is stunning and a show stopper".

Have you ever had an idea and then created it and was surprised by the final outcome was so much better that you envisioned?


Stacy Alexander said...

Very fancy...and beautiful!!


BeckyKay said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

My Itsy Bitsy bags were like that. My sister and I were giggling as I made them that they looked like purses for garden gnomes, but people loved them!

You definitely have a beautiful creation on your hands or around your neck, I guess!

Kate8085 said...

Totally fierce!