Monday, May 4, 2009


So I never finished writing or even telling the story of how STRANDS came to life. Well as I said in the lat story the book Tonia and I were trying to create didn't happen. The finance department didn't feel it would make enough money. So I thanked her for her hard work and her belief in me and went on with my artistic life. 

Two years later I am in the process of moving from Minnesota to California. I am staying with my sister in law and have no art supplies but have free time. Well when that kind of thing happens to me I always find something  to work with. That is when I got out some tape. plastic wrap and thread. I started creating these sheets of "fabric" I would hang them all over the walls, one after another. When my family came home they were a bit surprised. 

Each day I work on these, changing the color of the thread or cutting wholes out or even sewing shapes on it. I started getting a special feeling. So I kept working. 
I then started to create some paper "fabric" with glue, tissue paper and thread. After working with it a bit I knew I had to contact Tonia. I sent her an email with some photos. She was intrigued with what she saw and wanted to see more.

Well that is the beginning of the book. 
I will see you later.=)

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