Friday, May 8, 2009

Vintage Ribbon

Recently I was a lucky girl and received a couple of boxes of vintage ribbon, net and such. After going through it like a kid on Christmas morning I put it all back in the boxes. Then went about my business of the day. Even when I have great supplies I need incubating time to allow my creative fairies to do their work. The other morning I woke up and went straight to the Rose ribbon. Well as all things vintage it had a smell. Not necessarily my favorite smell, so off the bathroom I go. The ribbon looks sorta paperly so I test it first to make sure it is even washable. It is. So as I am washing it I decide to spray it with some bleach. hmm what if?  I let it dry and now I have this most wonderful soft wrinkled and very vintage multi rose colored ribbon. 
Now play time.

After a bit of trial an error I came up with a cool circular weave.  So that is the center of this wonderful headband

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