Monday, June 15, 2009

Not your grandmothers Pill Box Hats

So finally I dove right in feet first and created not one but 3 pill box hats. I am so excited by them. I have had the idea swimming in my head for a long time but just hadn't figured it all out. Then once I had it all figured I didn't have the time to dive into another project. Yes I was suppose to be working on something else but it felt to so good to create something totally new and fresh. I got the the big ok from my daughter which of course is the number one critic of what is fashionable and good design.
So I have slept on it for two nights and have woke up and checked to see if I am still loving the idea and designs. So far it is still a big go. In fact so much so I am in the planning stage of the next two.
Now these hats are not your ordinary everyday kind of Hat. This the kind of hat that says LOOK at me yet still has the elegance with an edge.


KnockKnocking said...

I just love these little hats!

myerscho said...

thank you!