Monday, April 12, 2010

The life as an artist

I am such a visual person it is hard for me to keep up with my blog. I don't know what to say.

But when it comes to having words floating around my brain there are plenty.
I feel I am a roller coaster; full of belief and energy that I am headed the right direction and then doubt sneaks in and takes the comfortable seat. Or I just love the moments when I get a brilliant idea and I paint it and I still love it even the next day. Then for some unknown reason I will tell myself it isn't good because it doesn't look just like the other paintings. Boy do the words swim around my head like a tornado.

I guess with every field and career there are moments of doubt

Well it is another day and there are plenty of things to do, dolls to make, paintings to finish, choices to make
I wonder if others feel like I do....


Deborah Morbeto said...

Of course I do!!!!!!!! I am in a total rut right now cuz I have so much work unsold that I can't bear to make any more marks on any paper or canvas but then again that is crazy because I'm denying myself. And then I go crazy wondering about ideas and get overwhelmed. Maybe we should email each other at times like these. I go thru so many gyrations in my head and I'm not sure many people would understand.


myerscho said...

Yes we do understand each other. We would die if we didn't some outlet of expression!

PS Would you look for a woman's homeless shelter in your area for me. Thanks! I will let you know why later! =)

BlackCrow said...


Stacy Alexander said...

I miss you, Jac. I've just taken a nice look around your blog at your amazing work and as inspiring as it all is, I felt a little sad that we no longer stay in touch.

Wishing you a great and artful summer!


Paula said...

Yes they do:)