Tuesday, December 2, 2008

In My Hands

One week ago I received a package in the mail. By the time I got home it had already been opened up and was sitting on a shelf. I opened the door and there on the shelf stood my book. With a head peeking out from behind it was my husband with a huge grin.

To hold my book I was transported back in time as a giddy little girl. I flipped though it taking in all of the goodness. I am so proud of all the hard work that everyone has put into this project. This really isn't mine but it is ours. 
It is my families and their endless hours of answering how does this look? questions. It is my editors and there endless work in trying to make since of my endless run on sentences. It is the Northlight Publishing company and their constant work and vision of the success of this book and Yes the marketing department we have just begun. There is a song about that.

A week later after going through so many emotions of high and low I still take the book out of it's box and hold it in a presenting way ( like Vana White)  I still get giddy. I carry that box with the book in it every where I go. Who knows who needs to see it!!


The ChainMaille Lady said...

WOW Bob, that is fantastic! I did know you were working on a book! When do we get to see it?


HeArt Collective said...

Oh, I need to see it! We must be on some kind of wave length or somethin' woo woo because I was just about to go over to Amazon to "pre-order" it after reading about it again today. And then I cruised into the Etsy forum and caught your post about this new blog...

Well, all of that is the convoluted way of saying CONGRATULATIONS!!! How exciting!


AlliesAdornments said...

YAY! Finally! Kudos to you Jacqueline!! Can't wait to read it!

myerscho said...

As it goes right now it will hit the big stores the end of Dec. I hope to have some on sale on my etsy before then. Will keep you posted!

Thank you for all of your well wishes. It has been a long and wonderful journey.

Stacy Alexander said...

I'm so thrilled for you, Jac!! Please allow me write about it on my blog!

How does one procure an autographed copy?

Congratulations! My heart soars with joy for you!!


shebaduhkitty said...

It looks good!